"It’s a great program and my spirit feels good about giving."

– S Prince (Member of the Gratitude Experiment)

I got out of bed this morning with this question in my head:

“What if?” 

Honestly. I’ve been feeling not good. I’m scared. The world is really weird right now. What can I do to feel better right now and help you do the same too?

One word just kept popping into my head.


What if for 14 days... we did this together? What if you share with all your friends?

I created this 14 day program with that intent 3 months ago. But I didn’t fully launch it because I really didn’t know how, until this morning.

I know what you’re thinking...

This is another scam. It isn’t.

This is a fourteen day experience that’s TOTALLY FREE. No strings attached.

 It’s easy. It takes no more than 5 minutes a day.

Doctor Marisol smiling holding her grateful dung bracelet

If you want, there’s a beautiful bracelet that you can also get for free (just pay shipping, so I don’t go broke!) while supplies last.

It helps you with a daily gratitude practice. (I'm holding it in this picture!)

Do you think the more we are grateful during these tough times could make the world better? I don’t know... That’s why it’s called an experiment.

If you are scared to give your email, I get it. Everyone wants your email. I do too... because I want to connect. I want us all to be better. I want us all to feel good.

After the 1st day you can unsubscribe, no questions asked. I hope you don’t, but that is the reality. Maybe we might become really good friends because we both feel better...

So what do you say? Are you game? Do you want to experiment with me? What if... becomes answered. What if I feel just a little bit better today than yesterday? Wouldn’t that be good? Yup. Oh and just so you know, I’m not some lunatic. I’m a reputable naturopathic doctor that believes we can all be better, do better and feel better. We really can... together. So sign up now and add in this free semi-precious gratitude bracelet for yourself. (Just pay the shipping).  * Only while supplies last. * We are in this together. Sending you so much love. Let’s pick our word for the year, and let it be GRATITUDE.

Doctor Marisol smiling alongside the free marked down from 89.99 grateful dung bracelet

Make 2021 Your Year of Gratitude

  • Daily 3-5 minute videos for inspiration 
  • Guided by a naturopathic doctor
  • 7 days of growth and 7 days of transformation
  • Daily check-ins to track your progress
  • Gratitude practices that will benefit you for the rest of your life
  • 100% free, no questions asked
  • Optional free semi-precious symbolic bracelet (just pay shipping)

"Bless you. It has been really fun and opened my eyes and heart through all the days of gratitude!" – Linda G. (Member of the Gratitude Experiment)

Haven't decided if you want the bracelet just yet? You can join the Gratitude Experiment FREE right now. Click here to learn more.