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Great bundle.

No 1!

I just about shat my pants

Hard to know what rating to give this since it is a product to help you detox, and it certainly did that, but not in a way that makes me want to give it 5 stars, you know? Reading instructions to keep this on overnight, I wasn't about to risk getting oil on my sheets so I strapped this on while doing admin work and before hopping on with a client via zoom.

Am I ever glad I work at home! After working away, I began to feel some gastro intestinal discomfort, but nothing too ominous. I got on my client call and about 20 minutes in I started to feel extreme concern. I began cramping and felt what I can only describe as snakes in my insides began making their way to the nearest exit... and quickly. I lied to my client and told them there was a delivery at the door, muted myself and barely made it to the bathroom 10 steps away. I nearly had a code brown emergency in my pants. There should be a warning and if there is, it's not clear enough.

Intestinal distress aside, the pack itself is lovely, application is not messy at all and it certainly got things moving. I shudder to think what might happen to someone who doesn't eat well.

Pack Bundle with EDT

Love it!

Love the product! Works so good!

Pack Bundle with EDT
Edna Redmond

love the new pack and the elastic so much more comfortable!! thanks for the improvements!

New castor oil pack design

I love products. However, I do prefer the old castor oil pack as the new one seems too large. The castor oil pack has been a life saving treatment for me ❤️❤️

No mess no fuss

Easy to use, no mess, loving it!

Great products!!

Second purchase and I can't be happier!


Working great, for other things too

Helps me sleep, relax and lessens wrinkles!

I find the Castor Oil really helps me sleep better and feel more relaxed. I never imagined one single product could make such an obvious difference, and yet I really started noticing a difference when I started using Castor Oil. Also, I would apply it to my face when I went in a hot bath. I would absorb the oil because of the heat and wrinkles would be drastically lessened after a bath. Surprised me to see such a difference!!! The only draw back is I have sensitive skin, and if I use too much of the oil overnight in the pack on my liver/stomach. I will notice I am itchy. So I am careful not to overdue it. But I also know this is not the case for most people who will tolerate it just fine. But there will be the more rare case of it making someone itchy. If this is you, just use less. It is very good for you so if you can manage.. don’t stop using it!!!

Pack Bundle with EDT
Sandra Barker
Great improvements

Love the change with the straps. Don’t itch anymore!!

Size of flannel

I would like a flannel that would cover a greater part of my abdominal area.
I am not a large person, I weigh only 110 lbs. and stand 5’ 3"
The flannel doesn’t cover my abdominal area and I would love if it did.

Thank you for my life back

I have experienced life changing health improvements from this kit.Ive been unable to function normally for decades due to extreme debilitating fatigue and a result my health and fitness was declining until i discovered these wonderful products.I wear the liver pack all night and then i refill it and move around to my kidneys during the day so yes i wear it 24 hours a day 7 days a week! And I'm a new man full of life and energy able to work hard daily do my yoga and basically anything i want now.Im 51 yrs old and i feel 20! I'm not kidding either.

It’s ok

Hasn’t made an all out difference. Feel better when I wake up but that’s it. Waaay too expensive for a piece of cotton and elastic ties. 60 dollars is a lot.

Dream Hair Kit
Marj Rushmer
Top Notch !!I

I luv / luvvv ‘ luvvvvvvv it !!!

Helps with my sleep!

I am a very restless sleeper and often experience night terrors. They have been mostly eliminated by wearing my castor oil pack. I have very restful sleeps when wearing it while I sleep and even by wearing it for several hours throughout the day. The new design is so comfy! Thank you!

Life changing

Thank you so much Dr Marisol, this was just the wisdom I needed to kick off my healing and I'm already feeling it. I've quit coffee and smoking weed since reading it. So much gratitude, thank you!

Oh, Sh*t! Special Offer
Freda Leenders

The book is more reading then expected, have not had time to read all and family members want to borrow it.


The reusable castor oil packs are so easy and convenient to use!! I have used it every night since receiving it in the mail!

too soon to tell

It's a bit too soon to tell if it's having the desired effect. I find the longer fasting periods a bit difficult to adhere to. My diet was already pretty good over all, so I'm healthier than most people half my age. After using the castor oil pack for a few days, I seem to have a bit more energy and clear-headedness, However, BMs are still inconsistent.

I also found that wearing the castor oil pack all night can inhibit sleep if it's even a little too tight.

Love the New Pack

I am a long time lover of this castor oil pack and was so excited to see the pack got some upgrades. One thing I noticed right away was that the straps are SO much softer now! I love it even more now. Thank you!!

The Queen Kit™
Christine Bramson

The Queen Kit™

Love it !!!

No mess ! It’s been so helpful for my hives and gut ! Better sleep to 👌🏼

The Queen Kit™
Cindy Nichols
Love Everything

Wonderful Kit. Love everything. Excellent quality, honestly better than I was expecting. The body wrap is exactly what I needed.


So easy to use. Like the ritual. Have noticed things are moving easier