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Convenient but stained

I do like the concept of this castor oil pack, as I have tried a DIY version in the past. However, the outside middle of my pack is showing stains already, and I’ve only been using less than 2 weeks. My grounding sheet is also stained. I will continue to use, but just a little disappointed.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback Tracey. Castor oil is unfortunately very messy by nature and does stain. This is why we always recommend wearing old clothing when using you pack and laying a towel down if you are using your pack overnight.
We are always here to support you and if you are have any questions or concerns about your pack, please reach out to us by email at

Useless for shoulder pain

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us Sally.
As with any natural health practice, results take time. Sometimes adding heat for pain and inflammation can also help.


Quality oil and I love the pack. I have worn it to bed and it stays in place well, is soft and no mess on clothing or bedding. Used it twice this week and noticed a bit of a clean out IYKWIM. I’m doing a Liver cleanse recommended by my NP so to find a pack makes it so much easier than DIY with Saran Wrap. Thx!

Queen of Throne

Does not seem to be helping me out with my IBS symptoms yet. Maybe I am nit putting CP on proper area. Should I be placing under right rib cage for IBS or should I be putting directly on tummy? As well, will it harm anything by using it every night and how much less CO each night do I put in the pack? Thanks!

I love the castor oil pack but haven’t yet tried eye kit...I already have some eye problems and so I guess I’m afraid to try it. The oil pack is great though.

Queen Kit highly over-priced and over-rated...

I was sadly disappointed when I received this kit.. my Grandmother's patch of flannel with organic castor oil.from the health food store is far more economical, less mess and easier to clean and wear...I suggest buyers do their homework before paying for this...little add-on's like the lavender oil and the 'bead bracelet' are just more 'flash' than substance... and don't add any value to this over-priced kit....

Hair Growth Miracle

I was super skeptical that castor oil would help solve my hair problems. At age 31 my hair was getting thinner and I was losing clumps of it in the shower. I decided to take a chance and try this product and do the full treatment with the castor oil, hair pick & hair wrap once per week. WOW! I am loving it! The castor oil is really helping improve my hair texture and it's not falling out nearly as much. It looks & feels way healthier. Super happy with this product! I will be recommending this to my mom & sister!


I am pleasantly surprised that the taste resembles fresh, high quality olive oil, although i don't take it internally.

Castor Oil Convert

I decided to take this course to learn a bit more about castor oil as I became intrigued by it after hearing about castor oil packs. This course was AMAZING. I feel like an expert now. Dr. Marisol made it fun super enjoyable. I have bought castor oil bundles for everyone in my family now - if you know, you know. I’m already noticing less bloating, longer lashes, less wrinkles on my face, better BMs, just to name a few. If you are interested in castor oil, take this course!!!


Loved how easy this was. I’ve never done a day water fast, let alone two! I felt great and never foggy or drained.
Dr Marisol’s energy in her daily videos was fabulous! The videos were upbeat and informative. Thank you ❤️

It’s too early to tell. It’s beautifully packaged and easy to use

Excellent experience

I did this cleanse with my two daughters (18&22) and we all enjoyed it finding it easy to follow and felt great. The girls struggled with the 2 days of water fasting so they added a green smoothy in those days.
The daily e-mails were encouraging and informative. We all agreed we would do this more regularly staring with once a quarter. Thanks for providing a great experience

1 out of 2 was starting to leak when received. I am still getting use to it because I am new to essential oils.

Best Hair Results EVER

I have been using Queen of the Thrones™ Hair wrap for about 2 weeks now. I have thick, brown hair and my goal is to grow it out. My hair is SO soft, its growing faster, and it feels generally healthier. I use it on my roots and ends of my hair, and I have seen my split ends fade away. I also have dye damage and I haven't noticed any discolouration in my toning, if anything it's helped keep the colour! If you struggle with hair issues like me I strongly recommend using it because it's AWESOME!

Loving the green estate tea

Enjoying the taste and flavour of the green tea. It’s easy to drink and so many health benefits!

Just received my order over a month later....humm not impressed that way, but

Good product; bottle needs help

The product is good however the dram-style bottle is not the best choice for this thick oil. I replaced it with a dropper top (still not ideal).

Love my queen of the thrones castor oil pack!

Castor Oil Freedom!

This Castor Oil is saving me so much money! Now instead of buying expensive skin and hair care products as well as eyelash enhancements, I only use Castor Oil. I use it as per Dr. Marisol’s recommendations for my face, eyelashes/eyebrows, and hair. Plus I use it as my body lotion either on its own or mixed 50/50 with my organic body lotion. And of course for my liver detox with the abdominal pad. I love that this castor oil is first press extra virgin, hexane free, and stored in dark glass bottles. Thank you Dr.Marisol and staff!

Easy bedtime routine

I have a major constipation problem. The castor oil pack has helped me to relieve this issue. I use the pack almost every night and my movements have finally become regular every morning. I will continue with this practice as it has helped me significantly.

2 Dream Hair Kits

i have not used it yet.

2 Dream Hair Kits
Once a week

Good results. Happy to have this new practice!

2 Dream Hair Kits
Hair kits

I have not received my order yet?

Castor Oil Gut Health Kit

Convenient to use

Having used homemade castor oil packs to use over the liver and kidney area, I decided to try out the Castor Oil Pack from queenofthethrones, mostly for convenience. I am happy with the experience, and appreciate the way to secure it through the elastic ties. Thank you.