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Great, helpful product!

So thankful to you for getting me started on the castor-oil-pack path! Am normalizing and getting stronger now! Thank you, Dr. Marisol!

Just wish it didn't seep through I just have to make sure I'm wearing old clothes.

Very informative!

Very informative and I hope it works !
I have been sleeping with the castor oil pack for over 2 weeks now and I have not noticed any changes yet.

Haven’t noticed any change yet after a week.

Lash Kit

I have spent money on Latisse to help my lashes grow - this kit hands down worked quicker and my lashes are long and thick within 1 month !

Love this book!!

This book is so helpful. I started sleeping better after a few small changes! Still have some work to do but love that I’m already seeing improvements!

No change in constipation

Been wearing this daily for two weeks with no results. Disappointed

Great product!

Very good quality, fast delivery & overall good service! I use my castor oil pack 1 day / 2 as a complement to my health routine & I feel good 🙂

love it

i love the ease of using the bundle

Amazing results!

I wore the pack for 5 days nights right when I received my kit. I love wearing it at night as it turns out, it feels like a warm hug on the body as you sleep! It took a few days to notice a difference but by the 5th day, I can report that everything was smooth sailing and easy! I feel terrific. I’m so happy to have this new tool in my Arsenal for good health!

All is well , thank you very much

Great results

I was pleasantly amazed at how quickly my body responded to the castor oil pack. I haven’t stopped using my castor oil pad since it arrived!

Review Request

I am still waiting for significant changes, but I will continue to use. I just had a 4 day break as I was visiting elsewhere. I will start up again. So not much of an update.

well made. And great tips that accompanied it. Thank you.

Problem with the order. But it was resolved very quickly.

I really like it!

It's so much easier to use then what I was doing before! It's helped trim my waist, detox easily and I now realize I will need a few more because I also mostly need it for my abdomen! I'm working on shrinking the small fibroids and cysts I discovered a year ago! The compress is in my arsenal to remove them! Thanks so much!

Love the castor oil I use it on everything 👍.
But I got to say I hate your material pack it’s very uncomfortable ( straps , and get very dirty fast , i think 2 big straps with Velcro would be so very much better just saying .

Great for Travel

This bottle is a great size for travel. I simply refill it from the larger sized bottle as the cap insert does pull out. And of course Dr. Marisol’s Castor Oil is the best of all the castor oils out there that I have researched.


I have just begun using my pack and after about day 4 I have begun to notice a positive difference. The only down side is I find the elastic straps quite uncomfortable. I would love to wear it to bed but the straps don't allow me to do this. Otherwise easy to use!

Sleeping Much Better!

My Castor Oil Packs improved my sleep from the first night the I used them!
In addition, I have been experiencing much relief from chronic lower back pain caused by being hit by a car in 2010.
So glad to have found out about these packs and look forward to more of their benefits.
I have been telling friends and family about them and hope they will try them.
Yvonne Finn

Skin and nails and sleep

Noticing better sleeps and akin is not as dry. My corn on my foot seems to be improving and my nails have improved.

Not sure of any changes as yet.

I have used the pack 3 times per week, overnight. I have not noticed any changes so far to bowel moments or anything thus far. Will give it another week.

LOVE my packs!!

I look forward to using the packs at night!! It's easy to use, clean and the castor oil itself is free from some of the smells I've experienced with other brands. A GREAT self care system to detox my liver, love my body and prepare me for pregnancy!! :) Thank you!

Castor oil pack Compress

I love them.... The benefits are marvellous

Castor Oil Gut health kit

I love it! i had tried castor oil on the gut a number of years ago but it was messy and i had no idea what i was doing. Fast forward to 2021 and i discovered queen of the thrones Dr. Marisol. the information she provides is valuable, easy to understand and pertinent for improving my health. and it is not messy! High Five! Thank you